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" Visual Comfort " in American Home Magazines:

      Since 1987, Visual Comfort & Co. has been the premier resource for signature designer lighting. For nearly 30 years, Visual Comfort has produced lighting with some of the most influential names in design using natural materials of exceptional quality and distinctive, hand-applied, living finishes. Visual Comfort offers a broad assortment of lighting featuring many prominent designs synonymous with high style and functionality.

  源自美国,创立于1987年。Visual Comfort&Co; 旗下签约了丰富的顶尖美国灯饰设计师。三十年来,Visual Comfort&Co;凭借天然的材质,卓越的品质和独特的手工工艺成为极富影响力的灯饰设计品牌。Visual Comfort&Co;已成为全球前沿设计赋予高标准的工艺和制作的典范平台。

 以下资料为"Visual Comfort" 灯饰在美国主流家居杂志中的摘要及实景展示敬请赏阅 ↓↓↓

     From the top interior designers to the most fashionable decorating trends,in this article, you will be able to find awe-inspiring and trendy lighting designs that are the epitome of creativity and glamour. It’s undeniable how lighting influences not only in regards to an interior space but also our mood. What makes these sort of designs so appealing is that they can be timeless and adaptable to any home division . We hope to inspire you with this unique selection of lighting designs.


Kelly Wearslter

This interior-product-fashion designer’s aesthetic has come to epitomize sunbathed California glamour. At her dreamy Malibu home, Wearstler deftly mixes raw organic textures with ultra refined modernist lines .Natural materials and soothing ,earthy hues exude an aura of barefoot calm and understated luxe.

      Kelly Wearstler ,   这位室内时尚设计师的美学设计已经成为加州沐浴阳光魅力的象征。在她梦幻般的马里布别墅,Kelly巧妙地将原始的有机材质与超精致现代主义线条混合在一起。自然的材料和舒心的,朴实的色调流露出赤脚的平静和低调的奢华。

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