VC || press 美国出版摘要(第十五辑)


Visual Comfort 美国主流家居杂志出版摘要(第十五辑)

" Visual Comfort " in American Home Magazines:

      Since 1987, Visual Comfort & Co. has been the premier resource for signature designer lighting. For nearly 30 years, Visual Comfort has produced lighting with some of the most influential names in design using natural materials of exceptional quality and distinctive, hand-applied, living finishes. Visual Comfort offers a broad assortment of lighting featuring many prominent designs synonymous with high style and functionality.

   源自美国创立于1987年。Visual Comfort&Co; 旗下签约了丰富的顶尖美国灯饰设计师。近三十年来,Visual Comfort&Co;凭借天然的材质,卓越的品质和独特的手工工艺成为极富影响力的灯饰设计品牌。Visual Comfort&Co;已成为全球前沿设计赋予高标准的工艺和制作的典范平台。

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Better Homes and Gardens is the fourth best selling magazine in the United States. The editor in chief is Stephen Orr. Better Homes and Gardens focuses on interests regarding homes, cookinggardeningcrafts, healthy living, decorating, and entertaining. The magazine is published 12 times per year by the Meredith Corporation. It was founded in 1922 by Edwin Meredith, who had previously been the United States Secretary of Agriculture under Woodrow Wilson.

Better Homes and Gardens是美国第四大畅销杂志。主编是Stephen OrrBetter Homes and Gardens专注于家庭趣味,烹饪,园艺,手工艺,健康生活,软装和娱乐上。该杂志每年出版12次,由梅瑞迪斯公司出版。它是由埃德温·梅雷迪思于1922年成立的,他之前是伍德罗·威尔逊领导下的美国农业部长。

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